A Handmade Ironwood Keychain

July 12, 2016

Here’s a project that really means a lot to me. Going through high school I was stuck wondering what to do just like everyone else. I remember being completely obsessed with wood working throughout the first couple years of school. From making lathed pens to a longboard, I learned a whole lot. Getting towards the end of school and continuing on I’ve been pursuing Design. Having the chance to mix the two makes this project one of my favourites.This is one of a few unique pieces I created using salvaged ironwood and deerskin leather lace. The tree used dates back to 1976 and this piece contains roughly 10 layers worth of those years. This is one of the smaller keychains I created which can hold about half a kilogram.

Want to see more of my process and how I came up with this little dude? Let’s talk!

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